To achieve our goals, we are associated with multiple local and international organizations that are personally known by us. It is essential to us that we verify and confirm that the mission of the organizations we work with have a mission that commits them to the same principles of

“Pay It Forward” and serving others that meant so much to Amy Bell. As we get to know these organizations and the people who manage them, we observe what they are already doing to support their mission and how they serve children in need in their area of influence. When we see how they are meeting the needs of children and young people in their communities, and when we are confident that their objectives match our mission statement, then we ask, “Can we help?”

These associations have enabled us to be more effective in achieving our common goal of serving others and improving the lives of children and young people. By joining with these existing organizations, it has enabled us to make a larger
impact with our resources. We provide supplemental funding for our associates to help them with their projects. That particular strategy helps us leverage our resources by joining with each of these organizations to strengthen them in their work serving the children and families in these organizations and communities.