Wherever possible we provide funding for drilling water wells and provide access to clean drinking water in all of our projects. We believe that providing clean and reliable drinking water is essential to the health and well-being of every child.


We strive to provide financial assistance to our associates in multiple ways to help them provide supplemental food aid so that all of our children have access to at least one nutritious meal per day.


Once we meet the basic needs of our children, providing clean water and a nutritious diet, we strive to provide them with an opportunity to get a quality education. These educational opportunities take all forms. At times our support includes building schools. It also includes regular support such as providing school supplies and other teaching resources, working with our schools to access high- quality teachers, or providing scholarships, uniforms, and recreational opportunities. The children we serve include preschoolers, children with special needs, primary students, secondary students, as well as university students.


We work with our associates in numerous locations to identify nearby health care facilities and health care services for our children. In support of these health care facilities, we continue to expand our financial support for much needed health care supplies and medicines to these various clinics, mission hospitals, nursing schools, and other rural health care facilities.


We have made it a specific goal of Amy Bell Charities to seek out and support programs and educational opportunities to “empower” our children and their families. So often, in all parts of the world, children, especially young girls, are abused, neglected, and treated like property. We are working with multiple agencies and associates who are focused specifically on taking steps to address the issue of abuse and neglect of the most vulnerable.