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The Ellen and Larry Bell family has joined with Pete Fisher and his wife Lynn in supporting an orphanage and a new children’s wing at their hospital in Zambia, in memory of Amy. The orphanage and hospital are associated with the Nchila Wildlife Reserve in North West Zambia. In the late 1800’s, Dr. Walter Fisher, a medical missionary from Ireland, arrived in Central Africa. During the early days of their mission work they helped establish a chain of missions across central Africa which were called “the beloved Strip”. The goal of these missions was to work for the abolition of the slave trade and minister to all those affected by using education, medicine and the “Gospel” to bring peace and change to these ravaged people. In 1906 Dr. Fisher and his associates established the Kalene Mission Hospital. The ministry established by Dr. Fisher continues to this very day. The Fisher family has been living in this area and serving the Lunda people of this region for over 100 years. Pete Fisher, part of the 4th generation of this Fisher family, first opened the Nchila Wildlife Reserve in 1993 and has continued to expand it into one of the foremost game reserves in Zambia.

Pete and his wife Lynn have not only created this wonderful game reserve. They have also continued Dr. Fisher’s legacy of serving the people of this region through the funding and operation of the Kalene Hospital. A fund raising campaign is currently under way to provide the financing for major renovations and additions to the hospital. These renovations and additions include a new maternity wing that will include a new neo-natal center. In addition to major upgrades throughout the facility the project also includes a new surgical facility for both orthopedic and reconstructive surgery for cleft palate and club feet as well as many other afflictions typical in these rural areas of the world. In addition to the Kalene Hospital the Fisher family has constructed facilities and provided funds for an orphanage in the area. This orphanage provides desperately needed care and support for dozens of children of the area who are orphaned by the ravages of the AIDS virus.

Because of Amy’s interest in trying to make a better life for children in Africa, especially the orphans, it seemed only fitting that we join with Pete and Lynn in providing support for the orphanage and the Children’s Hospital in Amy’s memory.

Amy Bell Memorial School

The Amy Bell Memorial school is being run by Sarah Peat, wife of Christopher Fisher and daughter-in-law of Lynn and Pete Fisher.  Sarah is a wonderful young lady who is totally committed to the education and wellbeing of over 200 children at the Amy Bell School.  The school not only supports the 40+ children from the orphanage but an additional 150 to 200 children from throughout the region.  Sarah has truly become the personification of Amy Bell in this special place.

Kelene Misson Hospital

Amy Bell Charities also supported the construction of a new maternity ward for the Kalene Mission Hospital.  A portion of that maternity ward is known as the Reese and Charlotte Wheeler Neo-Natal Center in honor of the Bell’s two grand-nieces.  Reese and Charlotte are the beautiful twin daughters of Ellen and Corey Wheeler.

Hillwood Orphanage

The Hillwood orphanage was established by the Fisher family to look after children in the area who has lost their parents, or has only one working parent. There are some incredible people that look after these wonderful children.

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4 months ago

Amy Bell Charities


It is hard to believe that another term has come and gone but we are thankful for a busy and productive 3 months with plenty of excitement and the completion of a number of projects. With 121 students enrolled, our 3 government and 3 community teachers were busy finishing up the remaining bits of curriculum and preparing their students for final assessments. With the completion of the small pre-school building at the orphanage we were able to shift our grade 4 class into this space providing them with a more spacious and comfortable learning environment. We continue to see improved literacy scores across all grades for which we are extremely proud of both teachers and students alike. Our senior students participated in a number of quiz competitions within our district and managed to win all but one. It is so encouraging to see the progress our students are making inside the classroom. Although grades 1-4 classes are expected to be taught in Lunda, our parents, students and teachers made the decision to focus on English in all classes and have seen a big improvement in student ability and confidence with the English language.
It was a bittersweet goodbye to our first graduating grade 7 class after they completed their grade 7 national exams written at Sakeji School. These 9 students studied tirelessly, even attending extra classes on Saturday mornings in order to prepare. Although we will not receive the results of the exams until January, we are confident that most students have done exceptionally well and plan to hold a graduation ceremony to honour them in February. It is important for us to remain connected to these students - we plan to host them once a month to check in and help them to continue moving forward academically. Amy Bell has been granted status as an examination center beginning in 2020 so our students can write within the school beginning next year and will not have to travel out.
This term included Independence Day and Teachers Day celebrations. Thanks to your generosity both days included a special lunch, prizes and academic and character awards. It is always such a treat for our students to have a break from their daily class routines and enjoy performances, songs and skits. Staff members from the farm along with many members from the community also joined in to celebrate.
Our school garden was a big success this term. Not only does the garden provide opportunity for our students to learn and practise important skills that they can use in daily village life but the vegetables that we grow are used to provide our students with an nshima lunch each week, (in addition to the porridge and honey that they continue to receive each morning). We managed to grow onions, tomatoes and cabbage as well as sweet potatoes. We harvested such a large number of potatoes that in the spirit of, “paying it forward,” we were able to donate bags to the church and the orphanage. The garden is now being prepared for the planting of beans and maize which will hopefully provide for us next term. In October a young man named Dixon from the community was hired to work in the garden 3 days a week in order to keep it watered and weeded when students are busy in classes. In addition to the garden, our school rabbit acquired in term 1 in order to help our students gain more of an appreciation for wildlife was given a companion. We now have 2 baby rabbits which the students are very excited about.
A number of small maintenance related tasks were completed throughout the term including some painting touch ups outside, desk repairs, patching leaks in student toilets and improvement to our football field including the addition of goal posts. During this term break both of our classrooms will receive a fresh coat of paint and some touch ups - we will also be having 12 new desks made.
2020 will bring a number of new students as our enrolment will jump to 130. 5 new students will join us in grade 1 from the Hillwood Orphanage. Uniforms have already been ordered for these students - another result of your ongoing generosity. There are a number of plans already in place for 2020. In our end of term PTA meeting we discussed building a small storage shed and kitchen which will be used to cook our students breakfast and store our food stuff and garden tools which are currently living in the school office. The grade 5/6 class has drawn up plans for these structures and we hope to begin construction as soon as possible. Along with this small project we continue to work towards the construction of 4 more classrooms as it would allow us to have all students attending school together at the same time rather than in 2 separate sessions. Currently 7500 bricks have been built and kilned in preparation for construction as funds allow. Mr. Mutela is a student teacher from the community who has been graciously volunteering this past year and we have decided to hire him on as a community teacher in the grade 5/6 class come January bringing us to a total of 7 teachers.
As this year comes to a close I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you on behalf of our students, teachers, parents and members of the community as we so deeply appreciate all that you continue to do in support of our efforts here in Zambia. I personally am touched by the love and compassion shown and am blessed to be able to be part of the partnership that has been created between yourselves and the Amy Bell School. I hope that you will enjoy the photos below and again thank you ever so much for your continued love and support! #nchilaprojects Larry J Bell Ellen Bell
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Sarah Peat Fisher has done amazing job leading Amy Bell school to elite status in this very rural and remote area. Bless you Sarah and all our friends at the Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Hillwood Orphanage and Kalene Mission Hospital. Ellen Bell Kara Kidwell Bell Brian R Bell Matthew C. Bell

She would be soooo proud ❤️

What a blessing to so many children. ❤️

Love this. A trillion times over. Love this.

1 years ago

Amy Bell Charities

Today the Amy Bell Memorial School in Zambia celebrated their girls and the many accomplishments they have seen from them in the past year. They celebrated the mamas and women who make up the village that raises these girls as they tirelessly give of themselves to love, nurture and provide for the girls, ensuring that they have the tools needed to make a difference and an impact in the lives of others. “ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb. 👭🌍💕 #womensday2019 #amybellschool #hillwoodchildrenshome #nchilaprojects
Thanks for the wonderful post Sarah Peat Fisher!
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Today the Amy Bell Memorial School in Zambia celebrated their girls and the many accomplishments they have seen from them in the past year. They celebrated the mamas and women who make up the village that raises these girls as they tirelessly give of themselves to love, nurture and provide for the girls, ensuring that they have the tools needed to make a difference and an impact in the lives of others. “ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb. 👭🌍💕 #womensday2019 #amybellschool #hillwoodchildrenshome #nchilaprojects
Thanks for the wonderful post Sarah Peat Fisher!

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