Nchila Reserve's Hospital and Orphanage

The Ellen and Larry Bell family has joined with Pete Fisher and his wife Lynn in supporting an orphanage and a new children’s wing at their hospital in Zambia, in memory of Amy. The orphanage and hospital are associated with the Nchila Wildlife Reserve in North West Zambia. In the late 1800’s, Dr. Walter Fisher, a medical missionary from Ireland, arrived in Central Africa. During the early days of their mission work they helped establish a chain of missions across central Africa which were called “the beloved Strip”. The goal of these missions was to work for the abolition of the slave trade and minister to all those affected by using education, medicine and the “Gospel” to bring peace and change to these ravaged people. In 1906 Dr. Fisher and his associates established the Kalene Mission Hospital. The ministry established by Dr. Fisher continues to this very day. The Fisher family has been living in this area and serving the Lunda people of this region for over 100 years. Pete Fisher, part of the 4th generation of this Fisher family, first opened the Nchila Wildlife Reserve in 1993 and has continued to expand it into one of the foremost game reserves in Zambia.

Pete and his wife Lynn have not only created this wonderful game reserve. They have also continued Dr. Fisher’s legacy of serving the people of this region through the funding and operation of the Kalene Hospital. A fund raising campaign is currently under way to provide the financing for major renovations and additions to the hospital. These renovations and additions include a new maternity wing that will include a new neo-natal center. In addition to major upgrades throughout the facility the project also includes a new surgical facility for both orthopedic and reconstructive surgery for cleft palate and club feet as well as many other afflictions typical in these rural areas of the world. In addition to the Kalene Hospital the Fisher family has constructed facilities and provided funds for an orphanage in the area. This orphanage provides desperately needed care and support for dozens of children of the area who are orphaned by the ravages of the AIDS virus.

Because of Amy’s interest in trying to make a better life for children in Africa, especially the orphans, it seemed only fitting that we join with Pete and Lynn in providing support for the orphanage and the Children’s Hospital in Amy’s memory.

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Amy Bell Charities

Reese & Charlotte Neo-Natal Center - Zambia, Africa

During a recent trip to Africa, Ellen Bell and Larry J Bell donated a wonderful new neo-natal facility at the Kalene Mission Hospital in NW Zambia. They dedicated the center in memory of their daughter Amy Bell and in honor of their grandnieces Reese and Charlotte Wheeler and their parents, Ellen Williams Wheeler and Corey Wheeler.

Amy loved Africa and she loved children. It is only fitting that we dedicate this place in her memory. And we are thrilled to also dedicate and name this neo-natal facility of the new maternity ward in honor of our niece Ellen Williams Wheeler, her husband Corey Wheeler, and their beautiful twin daughters Charlotte and Reese. The Wheeler twins were born almost 4 months premature but are now growing and healthy little girls with full lives of love and laughter ahead of them.

Ellen and Larry also want to take this opportunity to recognize and honor the numerous caregivers and doctors back in West Texas USA, who devote their lives to saving and nurturing premature babies. Their service gave Reese and Charlotte “life” and the opportunity to experience not only life but the love of their family. We add to that list the doctors and nurses of Kalene Mission Hospital who provide that same wonderful care that gives the premature babies in NW Zambia that same chance at “life”.

It is our prayer that this new facility, named in honor of Amy, Charlotte and Reese will be a place of great healing and great love. We also pray the healing power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, will reign over and protect this Kalene Mission Hospital. May His Spirit be with all who come to Kalene for healing their bodies and souls as well as all those who serve here in His name.

Our sincere thanks to Lynn and Pete Fisher and the multiple generations of their families who have lived in this area and have served the Lunda people for over 100 years. Without your love and support, none of this would have been possible. #nchilaprojects

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So awesome 💜

This is so special Ellen Williams Wheeler! ❤️❤️

Absolutely love this!!❤️

Love this!!!

Wow....😍😍 my eyes are sweating

So amazing. This makes my heart so happy 💕


There are few words that adequately describe how good this is. I believe God knows, and all that come for heeling will know. God bless these and all donors.

I'm not really sure how to put into words the feelings I have in my heart. We are completely surprised, humbled, grateful and excited about this incredible gift, Aunt Ellen & Uncle Larry!! I've literally been overcome with so many emotions all day and the tears are flowing! We and our girls love y'all so so much-- I know in my heart that Amy knew I was pregnant before I did, I know she held my girls before I could, and I know she comes to check on them often! She knew how badly I wanted to be a mom, we talked about it often, one of my last conversations with her was about it and how sad I was that nothing was working. This gift is EVERYTHING. My cup runneth over & my heart is exploding with joy! We feel so blessed our girl's name will grace something so precious, special and a part of Amy's incredible legacy! We look forward to the day we get to take the girls to the NICU in Zambia, to show them how amazing God's Grace is and what it is to be a servant in God's name, like their cousin Amy & their great-aunt and uncle! We love you dearly, Thank you! 💗

This is an amazing gift! You are, indeed, blessed, as are the people of Zambia.

Wonderful! A true blessing and a testimony of love!🙏

This is incredible!

Awesome gesture. Praise the Lord.

What a beautiful blessing.

Bless both of you!

WOW! What a wonderful gift to the people of this country. Africa lives in my heart every day and always in my prayers. We are so thankful these precious twin girls are growing into beautiful little girls with families that will set their faith journey in place at an early age. They, too, are answers to prayers. Blessings to all of you for such a wonderful contribution.

That is just amazing ! Bless them always.

May God Bless this new facility, and all who walk thru the doors. Such a beautiful thing to do

Awesome gesture and may God bless this beautiful family for their generous contribution.

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